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CJ Wartley, visionary and creator. Starting off as a dreamer, singer and Hip Hop dancer, I quickly discovered my calling in the entertainment business. Producing as well as having a business mind helped me create the idea of what I am today. Starting from the ground in 1987. The idea of my dream was a simple music recording studio. In a short time, my small dream became my life. I found the entertainment industry to be a very hard place. After several doors shutting me down, along with endless people using me, I discovered myself. Not becoming a puppet of the entertainment world, yet taking my education to a different level. I learned being part of something isn’t enough. Creating and living feels much better. Although the odds were against the idea of success, I never gave up. Living in a bubble wasn’t enough for me. After seeing most of the world, serving my country in two different branches of service, and overcoming every wall ever placed before me. Music has been my ammunition. And entertainment has been my weapon.
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This site was created by CJ Wartley